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Unfortunately this feature is not available at the moment
Once you have logged in to your server as root via SSH, type the following command in order to check the disk space usage: df -h
Windows: Control Panel = Plesk CentOs = Cpanel Debian= Plesk
Yes. All FTP and e-mail traffic counts against your total bandwidth
To upload an SSL Certificate to Plesk
1 - Create a file named phpinfo.php 2 - Open the file phpinfo.php and include the following: 3 - Upload the phpinfo.php to your server area (/var/www/html directory or your httpdoc directory or public_html folder 4 - View your phpinfo.php file...
* Login to cPanel * Click SSL/TLS Manager > Certificates (CRT) > Generate, view, upload or delete SSL certificates * In the UPLOAD A NEW CERTIFICATE section click the BROWSE button and locate your SSL Server Certificate file your_domain_com.txt. ...
You will receive an automatic e-mail message warning you that you have reached
A control panel allows you to manage your server from a graphical user interface. A few of the tasks you can do are upload files, manage e-mails, mailboxes and
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